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Plain Jane: All-Purpose Ghee

Plain Jane: All-Purpose Ghee

Lee's Ghee
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  • Lee’s Ghee is made in small batches in Quebec, Canada from 100% Canadian organic churned butter
  • Lee's Plain Jane: All-Purpose Ghee is lactose- free and has a HIGHER smoke point than coconut oil
  • We offer a variety of PREMIUM flavours of ghee which can be used on popcorn, toast, steamed veggies, pancakes, rice, and as an oil substitute for cooking
  • 10% of profits from sales go toward Asian elephant habitat conservation in India
  • Created by former international model, Lee Dares, Lee's Ghee is inspired by her own journey to intertwine inner and outer beauty

Lee's classic ghee designed for everyday use. Use for sauteing, frying and roasting at high temperatures up to 250°C.

  • Canadian
  • Organic
  • GMO Free

Organic butter. / Beurre bio.